Resort Policies

Committed to Positive Experience for All Our Guests!


In consideration of other guests and the laws of the Cayman Islands, we request that NO nude bathing or sunning be done on Avalon property.


Barbecuing is allowed in designated areas only on Avalon grounds. These areas are at the north and south ends of the property. Please use a signup sheet adjacent the north end grill to reserve a grill. Grills are reserved on a first come, first served basis.


All beach equipment (including sand toys, floats, snorkeling gear, and diving equipment) should be rinsed and removed from the common areas when not in use and certainly at the end of each day. None of this equipment may be stored under the stairwells. Also, draping towels, bathing suits, snorkel gear, etc. over the balconies is prohibited.


Lounge chairs are available to our guests and owners. Please do not take them to locations other than the beach area of our resort. It is prohibited to put our lounge chairs in the sea. Guests may reserve a lounge chair and/or hut by placing their towel on it. However, if the lounges or huts are not used within the hour, then anyone may use it by removing the towel. Avalon has a security guard on the ground on weekends and on Grand Cayman holidays only. This service is provided for our owners and guests to ensure the exclusive use of our beach furniture and pool facilities.


Check out time is 11:00 AM SHARP. Just as you had the pleasure of enjoying a clean unit upon your arrival with us, we would like to render this same service to other incoming guests.


You will be responsible for any obligations incurred or damages caused to the villa. Please treat your rental villa with care and respect as it is privately owned.


It is against the law to tamper with any fire alarms or smoke detectors. These alarms and detectors have been placed throughout the building for your protection and are to be used only in case of fire. In the event of a fire, the alarms will sound. However, the Fire Department will need to be notified by dialing 911. If you hear the fire alarm, please congregate in the parking lot. Make sure everyone in your party is accounted for or with you.


Our Fitness Center is available for guest and owner use only. The Center closes at 11:00 PM. We offer keyed entry for safety purposes. No food or drink is allowed (purified water is provided), and no minors are permitted. Use of the Fitness Center and its equipment is AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Avalon cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of this equipment.


Receptacles to dispose of your garbage are located in a gated area to the south end of The Avalon’s property. Please place garbage inside the bin.


Please lock all your doors when leaving your villa. Keep valuables secured. Your villa is equipped with a safe in the master bedroom closet.


Rental guests pay a 6% gratuity tax on the GROSS RENTAL RATE. If you are particularly pleased with a service or housekeeper and would like to reward them it is acceptable to do so.


While staying at the Avalon, you will receive daily housekeeping service except for Sunday and major holidays (Christmas, New Years, and Easter). Housekeeping is between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM (a specific time for service may be requested, however, it is NOT guaranteed). Every day you will receive fresh towels along with general cleaning. Every other day the sheets will be changed. (If you require more towels, please ask your housekeeper or call the office.) Soiled beach towels will be replaced with clean ones.


Please check with the front office for any missing or misplaced items. The Avalon cannot assume responsibility for items left behind upon check-out. Found items will be held for 30 days. After this time period, if we are not notified, items will be given to charity. Mailing items overseas can be costly, but they will be mailed to you provided you are willing to pre-pay the mailing and handling charges.


Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, including the area in front of The Avalon, is a marine park. Taking any marine life, sponge or coral is strictly prohibited and could result in a stiff fine.


Please respect the comfort of others even when using your unit. Consider the fact that loud voices and music carry more than normal in these open beach front villas. Loud music and partying should be kept at a minimum. No noise should be obvious outside the villa after 9:30 PM.


Each unit is allowed ONLY ONE PARKING SPACE IN THE CORRESPONDING GARAGE. Anyone residing at The Avalon, either permanently or temporarily, must use this garage space. The non-covered spaces are for NON-RESIDING VISITORS ONLY. No parking is permitted along the drives, walls, or other common areas. In the interest of security and overall appearance, please close the garage doors once you have parked your vehicle. (Code to open garage doors is on back of garage door openers).


The property has a fresh water pool and a whirlpool spa. There is no lifeguard on duty. Please read the rule signs located at the pool area. Please keep the noise level to a minimum after 9:00 PM. Pool closes at 10:00 PM. Remember other guests and children may be sleeping. No repetitive games such as “Marco Polo” are allowed. For the comfort and health of other customers we would like to remind parents that all small children using the pool facility should wear special swim diapers, for example, “pull up swimmers” at all times.


Smoking of cigarettes or cigars is not allowed in any of the condominiums, on the porches and patios, around the pool, or within 10 feet of any building. Cigarette and cigar smoking is allowed on the beach. There are two designated smoking areas at either end of the property. Also, please do not leave your cigarette and cigar butts in the sand; use the trash cans provided.


The property has a tennis court (Striped for both tennis and pickleball) located at the front area near the office. We ask that you use the sign-up sheets located next to the office. One hour per villa per single maximum and two hours for doubles unless no one else has signed up – please be courteous and responsible.


The Management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, or losses to guests. The Avalon reserves the right to eject any person or persons who create an unpleasant situation or becomes a nuisance. Please report any problems you encounter directly to the Management.