Sport Fishing

Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing in Grand Cayman!

Is there anything quite like the excitement of landing the BIG one?

The Cayman Islands are renowned for fantastic deep sea fishing, with sportfishing often considered the country’s unofficial “national sport.” Prized game fish run close to the coastlines of Grand Cayman and her sister islands, where the ocean drops off sharply, descending thousands of feet and creating a natural thoroughfare for the big migratory pelagic species prized by anglers.

With water temperatures that only vary 8-10 degrees annually, blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dolphin, and barracuda can be caught year-round as close to a quarter mile offshore, with occasional catches of white marlin and, very rarely, Atlantic sailfish and Atlantic long-billed spearfish also reported.

There are a number of charter companies operating on Grand Cayman that offer thrilling blue water fishing, as well as shallow action for novices and serious anglers alike. Contact our staff for charter recommendations or visit the Cayman Islands Angling Club or New Resident websites for more information about available fishing opportunities and to familiarize yourself with Marine Parks laws.