Boat Tours & Charters

Discover a Different Side of Grand Cayman

If you prefer to be on the water rather than in it, Grand Cayman still has many adventures to offer you. In fact, a boating exploration is the perfect way to discover the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands from a completely different perspective.


Play tag with the wind as you skim across the turquoise surface of the Caribbean Sea. Conditions in Grand Cayman are ideal for windsurfers, and there are a variety of locations around the island to enjoy this popular sport, particularly in the reef-protected shallows of East End.

Kayaking Tours

Uncover fascinating facts about Grand Cayman’s delicate tropical eco-system during a guided kayaking eco tour. Glide silently along, mere inches from Cayman’s renowned crystal clear azure waters, as you explore many areas of the island that are not accessible from shore.


Sail into the sunset with your loved one by your side. It is a cliché, but oh so romantic! Not feeling amorous? There is still no reason to miss Grand Cayman’s beautiful sunsets as you enjoy a leisurely cruise, complete with hors d’oeuvres and refreshing drinks. The Cayman Islands Sailing Club also maintains a strong sailing school and youth training program, welcoming visiting families and tourists to partake in lessons or recreational sailing. You can also choose from one of several operators on the island to enjoy a day sail, sunset sail, romantic dinner cruise, or private charter.