Dive Grand Cayman’s Shores, Reefs, & Wrecks

Most first-time divers to Grand Cayman don’t realize that the Cayman Islands are part of an undersea mountain range consisting of mighty peaks that would dwarf North America’s highest summits. But instead of struggling up vertical summits ripe with weather hazards and the threat of grizzly bears, you can glide effortlessly alongside sea turtles and stingrays, exploring towering pinnacles and technicolor canyons.

Shore Diving

The Cayman Islands are known for amazing wall dives and beautiful coral reefs, with visibility often reaching beyond 100 feet, but scuba divers really need look no further than the beach directly adjacent to the Avalon Condominiums in order to observe colorful fish and interesting reef formations. With little to no current, beach dives are a unique way to explore Grand Cayman’s lush, shallow reefs.

Boat Dives

If you’re interested in diving beyond the shore, Grand Cayman offers several dive operators and private dive charters that will lead you in pulse-quickening explorations of plunging walls, vast undersea canyons, the nooks and crannies of spectacular wrecks, and the legendary Stingray City and Sandbar.

Night Diving

Night dives off Grand Cayman unveil the mystique of creatures usually hidden or dormant during the day. Follow octopi, which can change color before your eyes as they search for prey, silently creep up on night corals, which blossom into beautiful flower-like organisms as they feed on worms and plankton, or witness the dance of basket stars, swaying in the currents as they feed.